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John Pearson’s 8 reasons to read I’ve Got Your Back



As you know my most recent book titled I’ve Got Your Back has been released and is available through Amazon and all major ebook distributors. I just saw the first blog post reviewing the book. I was blown away by the exceedingly positive review. Here is what John Pearson wrote:

Leadership Is Still Messed Up
When is the last time you’ve read a book on “follower abuse?” I’ll bet never.

In this hot-off-the-press “leadership parable,” Jim Galvin, an organizational consultant specializing in strategy, effectiveness, and change, explores this elephant-in-the-room leadership sin with thoughtfulness, insight and creativity.

Leadership—the God-honoring flavor—cannot be learned or practiced on a diet of tweets, blogs and business books. Jim reminds us that leadership began in the mind of God, but leaders are sinners too.

So I have eight reasons why you must read his book, I’ve Got Your Back: A Leadership Parable — Biblical Principles for Leading and Following Well.
Click on this link to see John Pearson’s eight reasons to read it!

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