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Board Governance for Nonprofits

While many people have heard about policy governance, few board members have had formal training in it or read any books about it. This presentation provides an overview of policy governance and explores the dynamics behind why boards tend to swing from micro-management to rubber-stamping.

Board governance for Nonprofits from Galvin & Associates, Inc.



What’s Your Planning Style?

People have a tendency to plan according to one of four main planning styles. But 85% or more of the literature in planning and time management only acknowledges the objectives-oriented style. Approximately 15% of people claim this as their primary style leading to a lot of unnecessary angst in planning meetings.

What is your planning style from Galvin & Associates, Inc.



Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a powerful technique for exploring alternative possible futures. It is useful when critical uncertainties make planning feel impossible. This presentation provides an overview of the six steps for facilitating a scenario planning exercise with a group or team.

Scenario planning 5 from Galvin & Associates, Inc.



Strategic Plans That Learn

Traditional approaches to strategic planning no longer work in a world with rapid, discontinuous change. A new approach to strategy is emerging that takes the form of periodic strategic reviews to keep strategy fresh and everyone on the same page.

Strategic Plans that Learn from Galvin & Associates, Inc.



Building Partnerships for Ministry

Foundations and funders pressure nonprofits and ministries to work together but often the collaboration falls apart when the funding comes through. This presentation offers 15 time-tested principles for building partnerships for ministry.

Building Partnerships for Ministry from Galvin & Associates, Inc.