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Maximizing Board Effectiveness

Maximizing Board Effectiveness

Tenth Power Publishing

SYNOPSIS: Are you frustrated during board meetings? Far too many boards are ineffective. Far too many board members are confused about their role. This book changes the conversation on governance and clarifies the confusion by organizing all boards into just three types: managing, governing, and navigating. You will learn to determine precisely which type your board is, identify pitfalls, and confidently lead the way to increasing your board’s net contribution to the organization it serves.










I've Got Your Back

I’ve Got Your Back

Tenth Power Publishing

SYNOPSIS: This book is a leadership parable about four twenty-somethings who are having major problems with bad bosses. Jack Hendrickson, a retired Army Special Forces Sergeant and former missionary, begins to teach them Biblical principles about leadership and when they put it into practice at work, it makes their lives worse! At the end of the parable, the author outlines Biblical principles of followership, as well as leadership, because everybody needs to learn how to lead and follow well.










Faith Alone

Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional


SYNOPSIS: Freshly translated from the original German into today’s English, this book contains a treasury of devotionals taken from Luther’s writings and sermons (1513 to 1546), conveniently divided into daily readings to point readers to the Bible and a deeper understanding of faith.