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Take time to build relationships



Many of the problems that boards face are basically people problems. If a board does not take time to build relationships, foster teamwork, and establish trust, it will be more difficult for the group to work together productively. This is magnified with term limits and new board members continually joining the group.

An effective board will take time to build quality relationships between board members. Any board can take some time in a board meeting for personal sharing. For boards that require travel, the first evening can be dedicated to informal conversation with a purpose. Meals can be organized to break down barriers and allow people to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Boards that meet one evening per month can start an hour earlier with a shared meal.

Boards that do not take time to build relationships will tend to spend the time they saved solving problems and resolving unnecessary conflicts. This is so basic, but many boards miss it because they feel pressed for time during their meetings.

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