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Problem: Board member is behaving badly



Bad behavior can exhibit itself in many forms. For example, using demeaning language, humiliating other board members, yelling, pounding on the table, swearing indignantly, or standing on a chair and calling other board members stupid. This kind of behavior persists because it is condoned by the rest of the board. No board member needs to tolerate this kind of verbal abuse. When it occurs, the board chair should halt the meeting and deal directly with the offensive behavior. If this does not happen, the board chair should meet with the offending person one-to-one or with a few other board members. If that does not correct the problem, then the entire board should discuss the unacceptable behavior at the beginning of its next board meeting. If that is not enough, then the board should follow its bylaws or board policies to remove the offending person from the board. Attempting to appease angry board members only rewards them for their bad behavior. Few boards can be truly effective with one or more board members who are behaving badly. Good board chairs will put a stop to it.

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