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So this all got started last year when my manuscript on leadership and followership was rejected by my top choice of publisher. I thought for sure they would take it. I was wide-eyed when I read the email rejection note. Instead of shopping it around to smaller publishers, I decided to self-publish.

Instead of setting up a system only for my books, I saw an opportunity to build a lightweight company that could help other aspiring authors get their work available in print and online with trade-quality standards. We named the company Tenth Power Publishing. You can check it out here.

Publishing is changing in chaotic ways right now. It’s a lot like the music industry during the days of Napster. Anybody can save a file in pdf format and upload it to several ebook distributors. The total financial cost to do so is zero.

Have you ever considered writing a book?

There are many good business reasons for having a book (think book as business card). It always leads to more speaking invitations and teaching opportunities if that is something you do. A book can also be useful for extending the ministry of a nonprofit or church.

Figuring out how all of this works can be confusing and discouraging. That’s why many turn to companies called assisted self-publishers. Some of the leading Christian assisted self-publishers include:
Believers Press (a division of Bethany)
Westbow (a division of Thomas Nelson)

Assisted self-publishers have a system and you have to fit into that system. They sell packages at various price points. But another kind of assisted self-publisher is emerging now. They provide coaching through the entire writing, publishing, marketing process and offer fully customizable services. I am aware of two or three other organizations starting up this kind of business. I expect to see more new startups soon.

Tenth Power offers a total solution for a successful self-publishing experience. We design a customized publishing solution that is best for you or your ministry and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Have you ever considered writing a book? What is holding you back?